Mission: To protect Indigenous peoples, cultures, nature, spirituality, and grandmother earth through accurate interpretation.
Vision: To restore human-kind's relationship with the center of the universe.

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The AIM Interpretive Center is located in the heart of the American Indian Community of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The American Indian Movement Interpretive Center holds a legacy of millions of historical records, culture captured on media, radio archives, photographs and the testimony of living elders who want the story of the American Indian Movement told. This permanent collection of the modern history of American Indians will be identified, collected, organized and preserved for the Minnesota public, especially children. Document, records, media, photographs, posters, art and objects will be available and on display. Academic and other researchers will have access to original charter filings, nonprofit Articles of Incorporation, AIM Patrol jackets, minutes of the earliest AIM organizing meetings, photographs of victims of police beatings, and audio interviews with historic figures who are now deceased. AIM-founded organizations will be asked to consider sharing their historical records with the Interpretive Center. The records will yield an expanded history of the work of organizations that were envisioned by AIM, and took their own paths of development and service to the community.

Read our booklet: American Indian Movement "Past, Present & Future"

Our Programs:

  • Native Youth Culture Programming
  • AIM Archival Project
  • AIM Traveling Exhibit
  • Native Social Justice
  • Native Education and History
  • Speakers Bureau


Our partners include the American Indian Movement Grand Governing Council, the American Indian OIC, the National Coalition Against Racism in Sports and Media, the Native Youth Alliance of Minnesota, and the Ojibwe Project. Our partners make everything that the AIM Interpretive Center does in the community possible.


The American Indian Movement Interpretive Center is a 501(c)(3) organization and we accept photographic work, memorabilia and historical artifacts, and monetary donations. Click Here to Donate.

To donate physical objects like images, painting, videos or digital images and videos please please call us at (612) 886-2107 or email us.